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Dark Chocolate Chip - 10 Protein Bars

Dark Chocolate Chip - 10 Protein Bars

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TIROBAR is an All-Natural Protein + Energy Bar made with just 5 familiar ingredients, 15 grams of Plant-Based Protein, and Zero Added Sugar.

Our Dark Chocolate Chip flavor delivers a smooth and savory dark chocolate taste throughout complimented by the nuttiness of the almonds.  The texture is smooth and easy to eat with a little crunch from nut pieces & dark chocolate chips.  The 5 ingredients are dates, almonds, pea protein, cacao chips, & hemp seeds.

TIROBAR is Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and Vegan.

TIROBAR is run by a solo entrepreneur who was a former professional hockey player and designed the bars For an Athlete, By an Athlete.  We are on a mission to encourage everyone to see themselves as an athlete and lead a healthy, active lifestyle.

Enjoy a bar anytime, as breakfast on the go, a filling snack between meals, and especially before, during, or after a big workout, game, or athletic endeavor.

If you're tired of protein bars that are bad for your gut and are full of added sugar and ingredients you can't pronounce then TIROBAR is what you've been looking

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